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we have a member...yay!

Sep. 8th, 2006 | 07:12 pm
posted by: angie_de_la_luz in bibbwsacramento

Hi sarahveronica,

I welcome you to Bibbw's of sacramento. I hope that you stick with this commnity for the long run, I am trying really hard to get the word out about this community. I have big plans for us in the future( hopefully not so distant). I want to start out by having get togethers at my place, to eventually having actual events planned in the future( potluck picnics, dance nights, roadtrips..etc..)

I would love to know more about you, if you have the time post a aliitle bit about yourself and what your looking for.

Thanks again,

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Aug. 1st, 2006 | 03:06 am
posted by: angie_de_la_luz in bibbwsacramento

I started this group as a way to make new friends. I think it is important for this area to have a group such as this to meet new people. I would like to get as many members as possible to join, maybe then we can have discussions about meet nights and events.

So if you live in Sacramento or it's surrounding areas, then please get the word out about this group. Use this group for discussions about whatever you feel like discussing that day,but please be respectful of other peoples feelings though.

Any questions don't hesitate to ask....

so join, join, join.

pics are welcome but racy ones are to be placed behind a cut.

thanks angie

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